Rachel Grosslein

Paint Technician at LaMettry’s Collision, Rosemount, MN

Rachel got her start in the automotive industry at age 17, when she got her first detailing job. She had always loved cars and enjoyed making them look pretty and new. She decided to take that to the next level and applied at Dakota County Technical College and enrolled in their Collision Repair Technologies program to become a paint technician. After graduating, she became a detailer for a small body shop and then made her way over to LaMettry’s, became a paint technician within 6 months, and has been there ever since.

Rachel’s day is usually very busy with prep, painting and buffing all of her own work. On top of the collision work she deals with, she also paints custom airplane dash panels for a nearby fabrication shop. A big part of her job at LaMettry’s is going over estimates before finalization to ensure completion in a timely and cost-effective manner.

There are many parts of the job that Rachel loves; the gratification of a perfectly finished product leaving her work stall along with the flexible hours and laid-back work environment. She also loves the fact that she is 100% commission based, so she can decide how much she wants to make – if she wants to earn more money, she simply stays longer and gets more work completed.