Car Careers Opportunities

Job Opportunities in the Automotive Industry

Pursuing a car career in the automotive industry can be a very rewarding way to work hands-on with vehicles and technology. If you are considering a career involving vehicles, it is extremely helpful to understand the responsibilities of various roles. Jobs in the automotive industry can span many career areas, including maintenance, repair, design, development, along with careers in sales and customer service. At the end of this article, we will list 10 popular car careers across all sectors of the automotive industry.

If you enjoy cars, hands-on work and technology, pursuing an automotive related career can be a great way to apply what you love to your job. There are a wide variety of jobs available, which allow you to apply your passion and skills to your chosen sector of the car industry. You will also have the opportunity to work with a diverse mix of individuals who share your love of cars. Additionally, since most of the world depends on various forms of automotive transport, a career in the industry is a transportable and secure one.  

Here are 10 popular car careers in the automotive industry:

  1. Auto body repair technician
  2. Auto technician
  3. Auto painter
  4. Car detailer
  5. Service advisor
  6. Collision estimator
  7. Parts specialist
  8. Shop manager
  9. Auto instructor
  10. Automotive engineer

Written by Judell Anderson