Automotive Technician at TGK Automotive, Hugo, MN

What was your career path to get to your current position?

I don’t have an automotive background. My education and career before I bought my shop in 2009 was finance/accounting and marketing in the financial services industry. I started my career as a commercial banker. This experience has been helpful for me in running my business but not having an automotive background has had its challenges. The only major difficulty I’ve had is the very tight labor market. I especially enjoy my volunteer work with my local trade association, AASP-MN, to help influence more students into the automotive trades.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I try very hard to “work on my business, not in my business”. Frankly, my lack of automotive knowledge makes me not very skilled at the advisor position or in the shop. This does allow me to focus on the marketing and accounting aspects of the business. I tend to work ½ days in my home office and the rest at the shop, greeting customers.

What do you love most about your job?

Maybe I’m a nerd but I actually like reviewing business metrics and the financial aspects of running a business. I really do appreciate my loyal customers, many of whom have been visiting my shop since the very beginning.