Fuel your own future with a job that fits YOU.

Behind a desk or under the hood—it’s your call. There are service, repair and corporate careers that ALL have openings right now.

Welcome to the revolution.

Motorheads are welcome…and so are techies. Electronic diagnostic equipment is as much a part of the industry as a wrench. Technology in cars is changing at a blistering pace every year to include new advances in fuel economy, body materials and infotainment features that consumers demand.


Car careers are hot!

Want a job? Good. The industry employs 4.1 million people in North America and needs even more to support the high-tech cars of today.

Make money now and down the road.

These are not dead-end jobs. Auto professionals earn competitive salaries, with many entry-levels jobs over $35K. And you can make more than $60,000 per year after gaining some real-world experience. Superstars can make six figures.


Get to your future—fast.

Go from just thinking about it to working and getting paid in only two years!

Chart your own course!

An automotive career hands you the keys to your future. A career in the auto industry provides stable, long-term employment that allows you to work anywhere in the country or throughout the world.